About this blog

Posted on Oct 30, 2021

Hello there, my name is Johnny. I started this blog due to the reasons below:

  • Dan Luu has a great blog and his narrative is interesting to me, I figured that’s a good way to write about the rambling thoughts that I sometimes find important to keep track of, or just to follow up on the ramblings that I find worthy.
  • I find myself ramble on a lot about a variety of stuff to people, or myself, with a blog I can share all these ramblings.
  • Keeping track of an individual’s current state is very important, since a clear, good track record will help recognize growth, changes of views, standpoints on certain topics very easily, and a blog is one good tool for that.
  • I kinda always wanted to have my own little ground on the internet.
  • I want to know how well I write.

Some technical details:

Oh, and about the name, here are some thoughts behind it:

  • Jalen Hurts is an amazing quarterback.
  • Programming sometimes hurts, mostly mental.
  • It sounded very catchy to me.

And there you go, this is what it turned out for me. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing every word here :)